Miller’s Girl: Jenna Ortega & Martin Freeman Scene Explained

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Fans are curious about what happens in the Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman scene in Miller’s Girl. Here is all you need to know about the scene.

What happens in the Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman Miller’s Girl scene?

Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman act intimate with one another in the Miller’s Girl scene.

In a leaked scene that hit the internet, Martin Freeman’s character in Miller’s Girl, Jonathan Miller, is shown being very intimate with Jenna Ortega’s character Cairo.

Miller is shown touching Cairo in an intimate manner. Jonathan then makes Cairo lie on her stomach in the bed as he softly touches and caresses her silk dress.

He then rolls his hands over hers and holds her fingers, briefly showing a flashback of how he once held her hand in class. The shot then ends with a spider on Cairo’s back.

This leaked scene sparked controversy on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter).

One user expressed disgust toward the scene by addressing the age difference between Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega, while another user called it “Dull fanfic.” Another user joked that Jenna was Spider-Woman after seeing the last shot of a spider on her back.

On the other hand, some users were not totally surprised and were also even supportive. One user correctly pointed out that Jenna Ortega was 21 and stated she was just an actress doing her job.

As an R-rated movie intending to “blur lines” and showcase characters “confronting their darkest selves,” it’s unsurprising that the film contains some uncomfortable scenes. However, it seems like some viewers weren’t expecting the high level of intimacy between the leading cast.

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