Mrs Undercover Ending Explained & Spoilers: How Did Radhika Apte’s Movie End?

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Mrs Undercover is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language spy comedy film, directed by Anushree Mehta. The film, premiered on April 14, 2023, on ZEE5. It stars a stellar cast with Radhika Apte, Sumeet Vyas, and Rajesh Sharma in key roles.

Who is The Common Man?

The story is about a serial killer known as “The Common Man,” who targets strong, independent professional women. His modus operandi is particularly scary; he tricks his victims into desolate locations, murders them, and broadcasts their final moments.

The killer leads a double life. He is a white-collar worker by day, living with his mother, and a dangerous murderer by night. He is also helped by a team that monitors the special forces trying to capture him.

Enter Durga, a seemingly ordinary housewife, who is actually a dormant undercover agent. She lives with her husband, in-laws, and school-going child, maintaining the facade of a clumsy and typical housewife. However, her past is about to catch up with her when she is approached by Rangeela, the leader of the special force tasked with capturing The Common Man.

Rangeela, aware of Durga’s skills and history as an agent, forces her to come out of retirement to track down the killer. Initially, Durga is reluctant; her undercover life has become her reality over the past 13 years. Nonetheless, she is eventually persuaded, albeit without the opportunity for refresher training, to avoid exposing her to the killer’s informants.

What was Durga’s first assignment?

Durga’s first assignment in her new role is to track a suspect at Victoria Memorial. Balancing her household responsibilities with her undercover operations, she uses her quick wit and adeptness. Her mission leads her to a girl’s college, further intertwining her personal and professional lives.

Complications arise when Durga’s new neighbor, Ayesha, enters the scene, renting the house next door. Concurrently, Durga enrols in a course at the same college she is investigating, a decision mocked by her unsupportive husband. This leads to a pivotal moment where her mother-in-law champions Durga’s independence, highlighting the film’s underlying theme of female empowerment.

The plot thickens at the college when Durga comes face-to-face with The Common Man, who is disguised as a college instructor named Ajay Sir. By night, Durga sharpens her skills, playing with her son’s toy guns and video games, while by day, she endeavors to unveil the killer’s identity. The suspense escalates when Ajay plans to target the state’s Chief Minister, who is invited to an art performance at the college. This event becomes a crucial opportunity for Durga and the special force to expose The Common Man.

In a shocking twist, Ayesha is revealed to be an accomplice of Ajay, tasked with tying up loose ends before a major assassination attempt. Ayesha’s plot to eliminate Durga’s husband mistakenly believed to be an undercover agent, leads to a dramatic confrontation. Durga, intercepting the message, saves her husband in the nick of time, revealing her secret identity to him. He is taken into custody for his protection, maintaining Durga’s cover.

Mrs Undercover ending: Did Durga catch The Common Man?

The climax unfolds during the college art performance. Durga cleverly deduces Ajay’s true identity as The Common Man. She heroically foils his plan to assassinate the Chief Minister with a bomb hidden among the confetti.

In a tense face-off, Ajay admits that there is no substantial evidence against him, leading Durga to realize that traditional justice will not suffice. However, she decides to execute Ajay, recording his confession in a manner mirroring his crimes against his victims. The Chief Minister, understanding the gravity of the situation, silently consents to this act of vigilante justice.

The film concludes with a bittersweet resolution. Durga’s husband revealed to have been unfaithful, seeks her forgiveness, but she rejects his insincere apology. Her journey of self-discovery and empowerment reaches a new beginning as Rangeela assigns her a new mission, indicating that her life as an undercover agent is far from over.


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