My Sibling’s Romance Episode 6 Recap & Spoilers: A New Sibling Is Introduced

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Episode 6 of the new reality dating show My Sibling’s Romance arrived on JTBC and Wavve on Friday, April 5, 2024. In the new episode, viewers see the arrival of a new male sibling. It is Ji Won’s sibling, Yun Jae. After his arrival, he gets the chance to select a male participant to go on a date with his sister, Ji Won.

My Sibling’s Romance episode 6 also sees all the participants going on a trip to Gangwon Province in pairs. Only Jae Hyung, Yoon Ha, and Ju Yeon travel together. All of them enjoy their dates in Gangwon Province before meeting at a restaurant. In a surprising twist, the show reveals to the audience that Ji Won’s male sibling, Yun Jae, is the owner of the restaurant. He hides his identity from the other participants during their dinner at his restaurant. The episode also sees the show giving the participants their housing choices.

My Sibling’s Romance Episode 6: Ji Won’s sibling Yun Jae appears on the dating show

Episode 6 of My Sibling’s Romance begins with Ji Won’s sibling, Yun Jae, meeting two other male participants, Jae Hyung and Chul Hyun, who are interested in his sister, Ji Won. After having conversations with them while hiding his own appearance and voice from them, Yun Jae chooses Chul Hyun as a date for his sibling, Ji Won.

Later on, in the house, all the female siblings enter the secret sibling room one by one. There, the male siblings appear and reveal to their sisters which participant is their next date after the selection session. As per the selection, Ji Won has a date with Chul Hyun. Meanwhile, Cho A has a date with Jung Sub, and Se Seung’s date is Yong Woo. Only Jae Hyung, Ju Yeon, and Yoon Ha have a date together. The three of them end up together after no one selects Ju Yeon.

After that, My Sibling’s Romance episode 6 shows all the participants going on their dates in Gangwon Province. Cho A and Jung Sub learn how to play tennis on their date. They have a comfortable date together. However, although Jung Sub tries to express his feelings for her, Cho A seems to be less expressive of her feelings.

In the meantime, Se Seung and Yong Woo have fun on their date on the dating reality show. They make marshmallows and click cute pictures together. Chul Hyun surprises everyone by having a new haircut after Ji Won’s sibling, Yun Jae, asks him whether he can get a new haircut or not. He appears on his date with Ji Won with his new haircut. Both of them seem a bit awkward at the beginning of their date, but later, they become quite comfortable with each other. Together, they have a good time on their date.

Meanwhile, the group of three, Ju Yeon, Yoon Ha, and Jae Hyung, take part in several fun activities. They have a great time together, laughing and having fun. They even get hair clips for themselves and flaunt them throughout their date. After the dates are over, all the participants meet at a restaurant in Gangwon Province. They have no idea that Ji Won’s sibling, Yun Jae, is the owner of the place. He is also present during their dinner at the restaurant, along with his mother. Only Ji Won is aware of this. The entire situation is quite entertaining for viewers.

At the end of episode 6 of My Sibling’s Romance, during the dinner, the show asks Yun Jae to choose a female participant he is interested in. He selects Yoon Ha. Meanwhile, the show also presents the participants with their housing choices. Cho A and Jung Sub end up getting two-member housing for themselves. Meanwhile, others get three-member and four-member housing. The episode ends with the participants sending messages to the one who has fluttered their hearts.

Viewers can watch My Sibling’s Romance episode 6 on Wavve.


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