No Secrets Photos: Go Kyung-Pyo Is an Uncertain News Anchor in JTBC K-Drama

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Go Kyung-Pyo is the perfect actor to be Song Ki-Baek in JTBC’s upcoming K-Drama, No Secrets. In the drama, Kyung-Pyo plays a news anchor who one day faces a rare disease, causing him to speak without thinking. The polite and kind announcer suddenly becomes a person who speaks harsh words. What happens when he meets an entertainment writer, On Woo-Joo? The Wednesday-Thursday comedy-drama is already making quite a buzz.

Directed by Jang Ji-Yeon and written by Choi Kyeong-Seon, No Secrets is going to be an interesting K-drama. Kyung-Pyo has transformed himself completely into Song Ki-Baek. A set of pictures from the drama has been released which says, “It’s going to be funny without mercy.” Scroll ahead to find out what he thinks about the character and what the production team thinks about him.

No Secrets: Go Kyung-Pyo promises to make the viewers laugh with his character

The South Korean actor’s unique character is itself quite funny. Besides, the actor’s irreplaceable charm and wit will add a new perspective to it. In the first image among the newly released photos, Kyung-Pyo looks tip-top as a news anchor in a suit. He looks worried as he tries to hide his face on the desk in the second image. But in the last picture, the way he glares at someone can make anyone laugh out loud.

As reported in Osen, Go Kyung-Pyo shared how he felt while filming the character Song Ki-Baek. He says, “I felt exhilarated while acting. I felt a thrilling catharsis.”

The production company of No Secrets, KeyEast, and SLL further shared how Kyung-Pyo beautifully got under the skin of Song Ki-Baek. They said, “Go Kyung-Pyo was immersed in Song Ki-Baek’s twisted life at a frightening speed from the first filming. He put it down properly, enjoyed his out-of-control tongue, and showed an amazing performance, so many staff members gave him a thumbs up.” They further continued, “Song Ki-baek has a straightforward image that makes him seem difficult to approach, but he is also a person who is secretly cute and clumsy. As he becomes incapable of lying, the appearance pops up frequently. You will be able to see Go Kyung-Pyo’s various charms.”

No Secrets will premiere in May on JTBC. Stay tuned for more updates till then.


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