Parasyte: The Grey: Everything To Know about New Netflix K-Drama

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Parasyte: The Grey is an upcoming South Korean drama set to premiere on Netflix in April 2024. It will explore the sci-fi horror genre with the storyline revolving around the coexistence between parasites and humans.

Based on the popular Japanese manga series Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki, the K-drama tells the story of a parasite attack on Earth. The organisms fall from space and begin to control the human brain and body. The plot will revolve around whether humans will succeed in finding a cure or coexist with the alien creatures inside their bodies.

According to Netflix, the official synopsis reads, “When unidentified parasites violently take over human hosts and gain power, humanity must rise to combat the growing threat.”

Parasyte: The Grey cast & plot

Parasyte: The Grey’s lead cast includes Jeon So-Nee as Jeong Soo-In, Koo Kyo-Hwan as Seol Kang-Woo, and Lee Jung-Hyun as Choi Joon-Kyung.

Jeon So-Nee’s Soo-In plays the leading role in the new K-drama. When she gets infected with the parasite, Soo-In learns to co-exist with it. She becomes a mutant who neither belongs to the parasite seeking dominance over the humans nor to the people wanting to eradicate these organisms. The struggle to choose sides will put Soo-In in trouble. Before Parasyte, actress So-Nee appeared in critically acclaimed projects, such as Soulmate, When My Love Blooms, and Our Blooming Youth.

The second lead role in the series is Lee Jung-Hyun. She plays Choi Joon-Kyung, the leader of a team wanting to eradicate parasites. She forms the group after losing her husband to the parasitic water. The series also stars Koo Kyo-Hwan as Seol Kang-Woo, a human chasing the root of a parasite attack in search of his missing sister. Aside from the cast above, other supporting actors include Kwon Hae-Hyo and Kim In-Kwon.

According to the official trailer of the drama, a parasite falls from the sky and enters Soo-In’s brain during a road accident. Meanwhile, the world prepares for a war between humans and parasites disguised as people. Soo-In is a threat to both sides as she learns to co-exist with her parasite. 

The trailer ends with her talking to her parasite version as she says, “You and I have no choice but to co-exist.” The video also gives a glimpse of some stunning visual effects. 

Parasyte: The Grey release date & more

Parasyte: The Grey will premiere on Netflix on Friday, April 5, 2024. A total of six episodes will be released on the platform. Director Yeon Sang-Ho (Train to Busan, Hellbound) has helmed the Netflix project alongside Ryu Yong-Jae as the screenwriter.

Speaking about the K-drama at a recent press conference, Sang-Ho said, “I pondered whether there could be the possibility of coexistence between humans and creatures that are nonhuman, for humans.” He added, “We discussed the concept of creatures and had to undertake extensive research to convey the ideas on-screen within the confines of the original manga series.” 

Meanwhile, Netflix shared manga creator Hitoshi Iwaaki’s opinion on the series. He mentioned, “I felt that the creators of Parasyte: The Grey greatly respected the original work. At the same time, I could see unique creative branches and ideas throughout the series and enjoyed it as both the original author and as a true audience member. Each episode’s plot development is dynamic with a quick tempo, making it very entertaining.” 

Watch the upcoming sci-fi horror K-drama on Netflix in the first week of April.


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