Putin Tells Tucker He’s Aware of Tucker’s Attempt to Join the CIA, Says “Thank God They Didn’t Let You In” (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

In his sit-down with Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Tucker previously attempted to join the CIA but was denied employment.

The topic got brought up when Putin stated a coup d’etat was committed in Ukraine, to which Tucker responded, “With the backing of whom?”

Putin replied, “With the backing of CIА, of course; the organization you wanted to join back in the day as I understand.”

The president of Russia continued, “We should thank God they didn’t let you in, although it is a serious organization.”

Tucker did not deny Putin’s claim.


There have long been rumors that after graduating college, Tucker Carlson applied for a position in the CIA but was denied employment.

Tucker himself hasn’t addressed the rumors, but one thing is clear: U.S. intelligence agencies aren’t too fond of one of the most daring journalists in America.

The former Fox News host previously reported the NSA was spying on his communications.


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