Pyramid Game Actor Kang Na Eon Reveals Challenges of Her Role in the K-Drama

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TVING’s hit high school survival K-drama Pyramid Game, starring Bona, came to its finale on March 21, 2024. The Korean thriller series also features actress Kang Na Eon as one of the significant supporting characters, Im Ye Rim. As per Sports Seoul, in a recent interview, Kang Na Eon has opened up about her role in the series.

In the interview, the actress talked about the challenges she faced while portraying her character Im Ye Rim in Pyramid Game. The character is an idol trainee, who is a bystander, who witnesses violence and bullying in the school at the beginning of the series. Later on, the character changes into a bold high school student who takes strategic stands to stop the school violence.

Pyramid Game Actor Kang Na Eon talks about her role in the K-drama

As mentioned earlier, actress Kang Na Eon disclosed in an interview that it was challenging for her to portray the role of a bystander, Im Ye Rim in Pyramid Game. As reported by Sports Seoul, the actress says, “I had to watch from the side as Suzy (played by Bona) was subjected to ‘school violence,’ and it was difficult even though I wasn’t the one experiencing it myself.”

She further expresses, “If it were me, I would report it first,…What was unfortunate about the drama was that the students did not actively receive help from adults… except for teacher Yoon Na Hee (Ahn So Yo), she had no adults to help her.”

In Pyramid Game, Kang Na Eon’s character Im Ye Rim also has a subtly formed romantic connection and bond with the promising student Sim Eun Jeong (Lee Ju Yeon) in the school’s swimming team. While talking about this particular aspect of her character, the actress says that she “tried to delicately express the profound emotions between love and friendship so that the chemistry between Eun Jeong and Ye Rim could stand out.”

Viewers can stream Pyramid Game on TVING.


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