Radio Show Producer Speaks Out About Saltburn Bathwater Comment That Led To Incident With Jacob Elordi, Police Investigation

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Written By Maya Cantina

Actor Jacob Elordi is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now, coming off of the well-reviewed Saltburn, which has been a much-talked-about drama this season. Much of the talk has been about a particular Saltburn bathtub scene. However, right now Elordi is a topic of conversation surrounding a recent incident in Australia that now has the police involved. 

The incident surrounds Joshua Fox, a producer for the Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O. Show. The show was made aware of Elordi being at a local hotel, Clovelly Hotel in the Sydney, AU area over the weekend. So, they headed over with a joke in mind. Fox reportedly hid his camera before walking up to the actor and attempting to do a bit looking to collect some “bathwater” from him, a reference to the aforementioned Saltburn scene. 

It’s a moment that Elordi and co-star Barry Keoghan have talked about a lot recently, but the actor and TikTok star apparently wasn’t interested in participating, and asked the producer to stop filming, politely at first. Regardless, that wasn’t the end of the incident. Speaking on the radio show, Fox said Elordi and his posse got into his face, as the joke started to go awry.

He says ‘Hey, can you not use the footage’ I said ‘Yeah, that’s fine.’ ‘Cause the joke didn’t [work] there was nothing there. And then he kind of gets up in my face. So close. You know, someone’s standing over you, and he’s a lot taller than me. I could have kissed him, he was that close. So I’m backed against this wall. He’s right in my face, and these two boys are now either side of me… I’m feeling quite intimidated and then Jacob demands I delete the footage. And I said yeah, that’s fine cause we’re not going to use it. As I said the joke didn’t land so there’s nothing here.’ I said ‘I’m sorry.’ I don’t want to offend him, like I said, we’re fans of him.

One might have believed that would be the end of it, but according to Fox that wasn’t the case. He says he was boxed in by Elordi and two of his friends, and he claims Elordi, who recently hosted SNL, demanded verification the footage had been deleted both from his phone and recently deleted file. The producer refused, believing he might need evidence that this altercation was taking place. 

At that point, Fox says things got physical. 

So then I refused to because I’m like ‘I feel uncomfortable right now and this is the only evidence,’ and then Jacob kind of just flips and he kind of pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat.

This is only one side of the story, to be sure, and Jacob Elordi hasn’t released any statement about the incident himself. The incident is being investigated by the local police, per varying reports .  

A report (via Page Six) claims the producer filed a report with the local police, but he said on the radio that he only spoke to the authorities after they called him. He allegedly wanted to leave the incident alone, but that some at the pub must have spoken to newspapers, which then resulted in the police getting involved. As he explained…

What happened is someone told someone and then the newspapers are calling all of us and the newspapers are speaking to the police trying to get a statement.

This likely won’t be the end of this story, though we’ll keep you posted as more details break. Meanwhile, it sounds as if you see any of the Saltburn cast, it may be best to leave the bathwater jokes at home. 


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