‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author: I’m Saving Bitcoin – Inflation Is Winning

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Written By Maya Cantina

Thu, 4/04/2024 – 9:40

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Robert Kiyosaki, a popular expert in finance management and the author of the classic book on financial literacy “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, has sent another important message to his audience on the X social media app.

Kiyosaki has highlighted the importance of Bitcoin after the recent announcement made by the US Fed Reserve.

“Inflation is winning,” Fed chairman admits

In his tweet, Kiyosaki referred to the recent statement made by the head of US Fed Reserve Jerome Powell. According to him, inflation continues and rather that going down and remains high, having a negative impact on the US economy. The promises about the inflation being transitory are no longer valid, Kiyosaki stressed.

The financial expert believes that the majority of people are not aware what this statement made by Powell means to them, their families and for the global economy. The layman’s explanation for this given by Kiyosaki sounds like “we’re screwed.”

Kiyosaki has cited his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book that was published 27 years ago and remains popular now that “savers are losers”, adding in his tweet that since 1913 the US dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power – this is the year when the Fed Reserve was formed.

Kiyosaki saves up Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki tweeted that in light of the aforementioned Powell-made statement, he feels it is especially important now to save “real gold, silver and Bitcoin” and this is what he has been doing: “I am a hard, real money, advocate, and I only save real gold, silver, and Bitcoin.”

Issuing a call on his 2.1 million followers, Kiyosaki warns them: “Please wake up and take control of your money and your information.”

Kiyosaki’s plan should Bitcoin crash to $200

Earlier this week, Kiyosaki talked about the recent statements made by financial expert Harry Dent. The latter expects “the biggest “everything” crash” to hit the US economy soon with the S&P Index in particular to crash 80% and Bitcoin collapse to $200 per coin.

The biggest losers, he believes will be the baby boom generation with their real-estate property in danger of losing the most of their market value.

Should Bitcoin crash, Kiyosaki says he will just buy as many as he can afford to meet that price collapse.


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