Ripple Price Prediction: XRP is Poised for a 20% Surge Against Bitcoin If This Happens!

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Written By Pinang Driod

CrediBULL Crypto, a well-regarded figure in crypto analysis, has sparked optimism in the XRP community by predicting a significant surge for XRP against Bitcoin.  

Analyst’s Insights Drive Interest in XRP

Through meticulous analysis of the XRP/BTC trading pair, CrediBULL Crypto has identified an interesting accumulation phase within the market structure. This accumulation phase, occurring within a higher demand zone, suggests a bull run sooner or later in XRP’s value as compared to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently in the pre-halving stage and prices may go for further correction which is a good sign for XRP and other altcoins. 

To understand the CrediBULL Crypto’s bullish fundamentals, one should see that the accumulation base is forming at a lower timeframe and that there is a proven bullish divergence on the 3-day chart. Interestingly, if you combine these technical indicators, along with a potential double D3 bull div, it shows a favorable setup for XRP against Bitcoin.

At this stage, the analyst is clear in a 15-20% rally for XRP vs Bitcoin in the near term. However, it all depends, if XRP manages to breach the next major resistance level, which sits approximately 35% higher, the analyst believes that investors could be rewarded with higher returns exceeding 100% against Bitcoin.

The Sentiments? Highly Optimistic!

Experts who were skeptical of XRP’s potential now see it beyond a speculative trading option. Recently XRP was listed by Atlantis Exchange and traders now have the option to trade the altcoin with the USDB trading pair, providing them with more liquidity and easier access to the market. Experts see this as a good opportunity for XRP adoption.

Having said that, Zach Rector, a prominent voice in the crypto community, has laid his belief in the strong foundation of XRP and its underlying technology, the XRPL. According to the analyst, these factors will push XRP to a higher scale in the upcoming bull market. 

Similarly, another bullish outlook was shared by the analyst Dark Defender who has set immediate price targets at $1.33. He further envisions XRP reaching Fibonacci targets of $1.88 and $5.85 in the coming weeks. Despite recent declines in price, XRP remains resilient at $0.6, indicating underlying strength and potential for future growth. 

Market Reaction

CrediBULL’s tweet has not gone unnoticed within the crypto community. Traders and investors alike are paying close attention to these bullish signals, understanding the significant influence analyst insights can wield over short-term market sentiment regarding XRP.

Overall, the collective sentiment among analysts suggests that XRP is poised for a bullish trajectory against Bitcoin, supported by both technical indicators and fundamental factors.


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