Separations with background noise: TSV 1860 coach Giannikis and an ex-Lion for an explosive reunion

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Munich – Even if the internal processes are involved TSV 1860 suggest the premise many times. No, Zestig has not yet been merged into the Forest and Meadow Association. It is still a club with tradition, with a certain appeal and a proud history. A bit of a past, but one that can be worked with emotionally.

“We made it clear to everyone that Sixty is a huge club”: Giannikis calls for unity before the Essen final

Coach Argirios Giannikis at least tried to use this as motivation for the decisive step out of the misery in the third division – towards the long-awaited relegation. “We have made it clear to everyone again,” said the coach before the Friday evening meeting (7 p.m.) with his former club Rot-Weiß Essen, “how big Sixty is, that it is a huge club and that it means something to a lot of people. “

The disappointment of the bitter 1:2 against Borussia Dortmund In countless conversations this week, II should be sent into the wide valley of oblivion, where new courage should be gathered and new energy released.

But now, Giannikis says, enough words have been exchangedmust do convincing things at the stadium on Hafenstrasse after a nine-match Lions run with just one win and six defeats.

“We have to talk less, we have to put it on the field. That will be the answer we have to give. It counts on Friday!”

TSV 1860 coach Argirios Giannikis hopes for a repeat of the first match against Essen

The legitimate objection may come: How is it that the team from Essen, which still has a weak hope of promotion and is one of the four best home teams in the league, can turn things around and thus remove the fear of relegation on their own?

Giannikis also relies on the memory factor, on Giesinger’s experience from the 2-0 win (goals: Fynn Lakenmacher, Julian Guttau) in the first leg Grünwalder Stadium. “We were resilient, we were persistent, we were able to suffer. That is exactly what we need again,” said the Franks with Greek roots.

So happy again: Fynn Lakenmacher (r.) opened the 2-0 in the first leg.  Argirios Giannikis hopes for a repeat performance.
So happy again: Fynn Lakenmacher (r.) opened the 2-0 in the first leg. Argirios Giannikis hopes for a repeat performance.
I would like to do it again: Fynn Lakenmacher (r.) opened the 2-0 lead in the first leg. Argirios Giannikis hopes for a repeat performance.

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Especially because it is not only an important match for Sixty, but also for him personally, From October 2017 to April 2018, Giannikis worked in Essen and stabilized the club, which was in danger of dropping out of the regional competition. His confirmed move to the then third division club VfR Aalen However, in the 2018/19 season the atmosphere became increasingly stressful and led to his retirement after just six months.

“It’s a big club with great fans, with a good stadium. It will be a great atmosphere. I had an intense, short but also successful time,” says the 43-year-old, although you can certainly say that it was a with conflict filled There must have been a divorce.

Ex-Lion Marc-Nicolai Pfeifer is looking forward to seeing each other again

Speaking of conflict, it will also be a reunion for someone who was swept away and fired early this year amid blue leadership turbulence: Marc Nicolai Pfeifer. The ex-financial manager of the Lions is “very much looking forward to one or two meetings on location”, he told AZ, but also added: “I am especially looking forward to the future with great anticipation.”

Although the past does not seem to have been fully dealt with yet. Pfeifer’s sixty contract, which runs until the end of the season, has still not been terminated. The “WAZ” writes on this subject that Pfeifer cannot accept his new job as RWE boss because “1860 Munich stands in the way”.

But this is just one of many unresolved sixty construction sites. Will sporting Fridays disappear in any case?

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