Steve Kerr Makes Bold Statement About Warriors’ Playoff Chances

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Written By Maya Cantina

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After a season filled with many disappointments and mistakes, the Golden State Warriors are on the verge of not making the playoffs.

Right now, the best-case scenario for the team is that they reach the Play-In Tournament and win their way into the postseason.

Head coach Steve Kerr believes his team has a chance if they make the Play-In.

Speaking to 95.7 The Game, via NBACentral, Kerr said:

“If we ended up in that spot, I will remind the guys Miami made the Finals from that spot a year ago. The Lakers made the conference Finals from that spot… I will believe until the season is 100% finished, I will believe in our ability to beat anybody and as long as we have that. We got a shot.”

As Kerr referenced, last season’s Play-In Tournament featured two teams that were written off by many people: the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers.

Both of those squads had to fight their way through the tournament and into the playoffs.

The Lakers were able to push all the way to the Western Conference Finals, while the Miami Heat went to the Finals against the Denver Nuggets.

Kerr believes that if his Warriors are able to get into the Play-In, they can follow a similar path.

It won’t be easy and the road ahead for the Warriors will be very long.

Right now, they are the tenth seed in the West with a 35-32 record.

So if the Play-In started today, they’d have to beat the ninth-seed Los Angeles Lakers and then one more team in order to earn the eighth spot in the West.

Of course, they’d then have to face the top seed in the opening round, which would surely be incredibly tough.

But Kerr has faith in his team and he believes that anything is possible, despite the long-shot odds.

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