Sublime Bassist and Drummer to Reunite With Bradley Nowell’s Son Jakob on Vocals

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Sublime’s original bassist, Eric Wilson, and drummer, Bud Gaugh, are reuniting for an upcoming performance featuring Jakob Nowell, the son of the band’s original frontman, Bradley Nowell, on vocals.

The performance will take place in Los Angeles on December 11th at a benefit concert for Bad Brains’ frontman, H.R. It marks the first time that the younger Nowell — who was 11-months-old when his father died in 1996, and has been touring in his own right for over a decade — will join the former Sublime musicians. It also marks the first time that Wilson and Gaugh will perform together since the latter left Sublime with Rome in 2011, saying that it “felt wrong” to play Sublime songs “without Brad.”

The trio will not performing under the name “Sublime,” but according to Billboard, a more formal reunion may be on the horizon. Nowell is represented by Kevin Zinger with Regime Music Group, who — along with The Vandals’ Joe Escalante — has been hired to manage “legacy assets, the licensing, and all the business in Sublime” by Nowell, Wilson, Gaugh, and Bradley Nowell’s wife, Troy Dendekker Nowell.


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Zinger reported that the possibility of a formal reunion has already generated many offers from promoters and festivals, but stated: “The guys plan to jam together in support of H.R. at the Teragram Ballroom on December 11th. Beyond that we’re not prepared to make any announcements.” He did, however, leave room for the possibility of further engagements. “We’re patiently waiting and doing the right thing,” he said. “If the vibe’s there, the vibe’s there.”

In 2019, Wilson lamented his falling out with Gaugh after 2011, telling The Fader: “It’s just too bad, because as far as playing together, we have the best chemistry.” Since then, Wilson has continued playing with Sublime with Rome, who recently shared a new EP, Tangerine Skies.

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