Sydney Sweeney’s Madame Web Press Look Includes Boots That Are Definitely Not Made For Walking

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Written By Maya Cantina

Sydney Sweeney stepped out, well maybe not stepped, in some boots that are fitting for her suit-up in Madame Web as well as stepping out for a night on the town. Of course, she may have a bit of a time fighting some baddies in this particular footwear because, by the looks of them, they aren’t necessarily made for walking, let alone crime fighting. Still, they sure are stylish. 

The 26-year-old superstar took to Instagram to share some black-and-white images of herself looking incredibly glamorous next to a large window and sporting knee-high heeled boots. The images, which you can see below, were posted with a simple, yet web-tastic, caption, as the star begins to promote her upcoming comic book movie appearance as Julia Carpenter aka Spider-Woman in Sony’s latest Spider-Man spinoff. Check out the post: 

Sydney Sweeney shines as the epitome of elegance, joining her fellow Madame Web cast member, Dakota Johnson, in showcasing stunning outfits that pay homage to their superhero roles. The Fifty Shades of Grey star recently turned heads with a sheer chain dress and a metallic spiderweb gown by Annie’s Ibiza at the Vogue Carnival Ball in Rio on February 3. While these exquisite ensembles might not be the most practical for city-saving endeavors, they certainly prove that when it comes to making a statement, who needs full body movement? Especially when you look as killer as these ladies.  

The 2024 movie schedule is looking to be a big year for Sony’s Spider-Man universe, with several anticipated films, including Venom 3, Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web, all set to swing into theaters this year. The series will first introduce three Spider-Woman variants amid speculation about introducing an iteration of Spidey (and fans wanted Andrew Garfield).

There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the flick, but what we know about Madame Web is that Dakota Johnson takes on the role of Cassandra Webb, a paramedic from New York City, who begins to experience clairvoyant abilities. As she grapples with surprising discoveries about her history, she finds herself in a race to safeguard three young women, played by Anya Corazon, Celeste O’Connor, and, of course, Sydney Sweeney, against a shadowy foe determined to end their lives. What you need to know about the villain is that his name is Ezekiel Sims, and he seems to be an amalgamation of other Marvel villains, which confused the character’s original creator

It’s yet to be seen if Madame Web has the goods to light the box office on fire. Still, one thing is indisputable: Sydney Sweeney knows how to pull off a great look while doing press, even if she must sacrifice her ability to walk. It’s all worth it for art. You can check out Sweeney in the movie — sans the boots — when it hits theaters on February 14.


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