Talk To Me Star Really Wants In On A24’s Horror Sequel, And Honestly Same

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Major spoilers about the ending of Talk To Me are featured in this article so READ WITH CAUTION!

With Talk To Me being one of the scariest horror films in years, it was the best news to discover the scare factors aren’t over yet from the embalmed hand. One month after the A24 movie was released in the United States, it was confirmed that a Talk To Me sequel was in development. While Danny and Michael Philippou will return as co-directors, the horror film’s star Sophie Wilde really wants to be involved in the sequel and I can’t help but feel the same way.

Sophie Wilde played Talk To Me’s Mia who after grieving the loss of her mother decides to use an embalmed hand to connect with spirits. But with this being a horror film, grisly consequences occur as a result. Even though the character of Mia faces a sad demise at the end of the movie, GamesRadar+ still wanted to know if the Australian actress will be coming back for the sequel. Here’s what she had to say:

I don’t know … I feel like it’s still a bit hush hush because I mean, the [filmmakers], they’re such workaholics. I know they’re focusing on a bunch of other projects that they’re doing at the moment. So I don’t know, it’s all up in the air. But I said to them, I was like, ‘I’m gonna get actual FOMO if I’m not in this film, so can I just come on set and be like a boom operator? I will be an assistant director, I just want to be involved.’

Well, it’s good that Sophie Wilde is open to working behind the scenes on Talk To Me’s sequel if she can’t return as Mia. It would be pretty difficult for her character to come back considering what happens to Mia in the film’s conclusion. Compared to listening to the spirits about throwing the catatonic Riley into oncoming traffic, she decides to kill herself instead and turns into the spirits she herself would conjure up with the embalmed hand. It’s assumed Mia’s actions were a sacrifice to release Riley from the spirits’ debilitating influence on him. 

If Mia were to come back, I would love it if somehow her spiritual presence played a key role in the sequel. Maybe spending her afterlife touching so many hands turns her into an evil spirit herself. Wilde mentioned to GamesRadar+ that she loves the theories fans come up with about the sequel, like speculation about there being a left and right embalmed hand. The answer may come to us as directors Danny and Michael Philippou said the origin of the hand might be addressed with some parts staying mysterious. 

So far, not much is said in terms of the plot of Talk To Me 2. The Philippou Brothers said it could either be about the same characters from the previous film or moving on with new characters taking place in the same world. All that’s been said is that the two directors started writing scenes for the sequel while writing scenes for the first film. With ideas brewing so far in advance, I’m confident these YouTube creators-turned-filmmakers know what they’re doing.

As for the other projects Sophie Wilde said Danny and Michael Philippou were working on, they really do have a lot on their plate. Not only will there be a sequel to Talk To Me, but there’ll be a prequel to the box office hit that’s already been shot. This upcoming horror film will delve into brothers Cole and Duckett who were featured in the film’s opening scene where a possessed man wreaks havoc at a house party. What’ll really bring thrills to this prequel is that it’ll be told from the perspective of cell phones and social media. If it matches the success of its predecessor, the prequel has the potential to become one of the best found-footage thrillers.

Outside of Talk To Me, Danny and Michael Philippou will also take part in the future of video game films remaking Street Fighter. The RackaRacka YouTube creators also posted on Instagram they’ve finished writing the script for their second horror film Bring Her Back. Based on the title, I’m already intrigued with anticipation.

It’s up in the air right now if Danny and Michael Philippou plan on bringing back Sophie Wilde for Talk to Me’s sequel. But if she were to make a return, I can’t wait to see how that’ll be done. While yet to be announced, take a glimpse at our 2024 movie releases so you’ll know when the highly anticipated sequel will be released.


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