Taylor Swift: Is She in Cruella 2? Will She Play a Villain?

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Fans are wondering if Taylor Swift will have a role in Cruella 2 as a villain after rumors on the matter hit the web. Is she in the movie? Will she play a villain? Here are your questions answered.

Is Taylor Swift going to be in Cruella 2?

Taylor Swift has not been confirmed to be a part of Cruella 2 as of this writing. However, online rumors suggest she will be in the film.

Unfortunately, the Bad Blood singer is not confirmed to be a part of Cruella 2’s cast as of writing. The only confirmed cast member right now is Emma Stone. The two-time Oscar winner locked down a deal to return as the title character as per a 2021 Deadline report.

However, online rumors suggest that Taylor Swift will be in Cruella 2. Furthermore, these rumors have been going on since 2022, when a scoop by The DisInsider claimed that not only was Taylor Swift appearing in the movie, but that she would also play an antagonistic role described as “Cruella’s match.”

Also, according to The DisInsider, this lined up with a rumor from Deumoix in June 2022. At the time, they shared a post on Instagram, showcasing one of their blind items which left out names and specifics for followers to work out:

“This A+ singer who has a minor appearance in Cruella (very tiny, you probably haven’t even noticed) might have a larger part in the sequel…”

Later, these rumors picked up steam again in March 2024. TikTok user Jessica Golich took to the platform to point out how Taylor Swift’s name appears when one googles Cruella 2’s cast.

Fans must take this information with a pinch of salt, however, as it does not come from any official sources like Disney.

Will Taylor Swift play Cruella 2’s villain?

Taylor Swift has not been confirmed to play Cruella 2’s villain as of writing.

It remains to be seen whether the Bad Blood singer will play the antagonist in Cruella 2. ComingSoon will provide an update if new reports or confirmations on the matter come along.

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