The Damned First-Look Image Previews Odessa Young and Joe Cole-Led Horror Movie

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The first-look image for the psychological horror starring Odessa Young (Mothering Sunday) and Joe Cole (A Small Light) has been released, showcasing the upcoming chilling feature set in a grueling winter. 

Protagonist Pictures (via Variety) has shared the first image for the forthcoming film, which The Valhalla Murders’ Thordur Palsson directed. Set in Iceland, The Damned will tell the tale of a 19th-century widow, Eva (Young), who must make a difficult decision after a ship sank off the coast of their fishing post. In the middle of what is described as a “cruel” winter, Eva and the rest of her team must decide whether to rescue the shipwrecked or choose their own survival and keep the remaining food to themselves. 

The synopsis for The Damned reads: “Eva and her crew must choose between rescuing the shipwrecked and prioritising their own survival. Facing the consequences of their choice and tormented by their guilt, the inhabitants wrestle with a mounting sense of dread and begin to believe they are all being punished for their choices.”

You can check out the newly released image down below: 

Image via Protagonist Pictures

Who else is involved in The Damned? 

The film is produced by Elation Pictures’ Emilie Jouffroy and Kamilla Kristiane, Wild Atlantic Pictures and Tim Headington’s John Keville and Conor Barry, and Ley Line Entertainment’s Theresa Steele Page and Nate Kamiya. 

“The Icelandic landscape is a part of the haunted soul of this film, and shooting in the depths of winter in the West Fjords provided physical and creative challenges, and each of those challenges could not have been overcome without the support of our fantastic partners,” the film’s producers said in a statement (via Variety). 

The film was first announced in April 2023. In addition to Young and Cole, The Damned will also star Siobhan Finneran (The Stranger), Rory McCann (Game of Thrones), Turlough Convery (Belfast), Lewis Gribben (Somewhere Boy), Francis Magee (The Tourist), Mícheál Óg Lane (The Guard), and Andrean Sigurgeirsson (When We Are Born).


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