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Written By Pinang Driod

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The holiday season is upon us—but before you power through your to-do list, decompress with these seven stories, selected by our editors.

A Sunday Reading List

Some of the below stories have narrated versions, if you prefer to listen to them; just click the link and scroll to the audio player below the image.

The Plight of the Eldest Daughter

By Sarah Sloat

Women are expected to be nurturers. Firstborns are expected to be exemplars. Being both is exhausting.

It Will Never Be a Good Time to Buy a House

By Annie Lowrey

Maybe in 2030?

Life Really Is Better Without the Internet

By Chris Moody

What happened after my wife and I removed Wi-Fi from our home

Have You Listened Lately to What Trump Is Saying?

By Peter Wehner

He is becoming frighteningly clear about what he wants.

Hipsters Were Always Hypocrites. Ask Frank Zappa.

By Daniel Felsenthal

Of the late musician’s many records, Over-Nite Sensation best crystallized his cutting satire of our country’s blank-eyed habits.

Why America Abandoned the Greatest Economy in History

By Rogé Karma

Was the country’s turn toward free-market fundamentalism driven by race, class, or something else? Yes.

My Father, My Faith, and Donald Trump

By Tim Alberta

Here, in our house of worship, people were taunting me about politics as I tried to mourn.

Culture Break

François Duhamel / Netflix

Read. Anthony Tommasini, the former chief classical-music critic for The New York Times, recommends books that can help us understand classical music better, including its history, its mechanics, and its great composers.

Watch. May December, now streaming on Netflix, is a movie about liars that is in and of itself deliciously deceptive.

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