Top Altcoins for 100% Profits This Week!

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Written By Pinang Driod

The cryptocurrency industry continues to display a strong bearish price action, indicating increased selling-over-buying pressure in the crypto market. Further, top tokens continue to bleed with the market leader, Bitcoin recording a low of $60,919 within the past 24 hours.

However, the ongoing correction is an excellent opportunity to stack altcoins to maximize your profits during the upcoming week, as the market is expected to regain momentum during the Bitcoin Halving. In this list, we have covered the top 5 altcoins that have the potential to record a 100% upswing during the coming week.

PUPS (Ordinals) (PUPS):

The PUPS token has recorded a surge of over 1,000% in valuation within the past seven days, resulting in it becoming the first successful memecoin on Bitcoin. Currently, PUPS is circulated as an ordinal token but intends to shift to the Runes protocol post-Bitcoin-Halving.

At the time of writing, the price of one PUPS memecoin was $74.13 with a total supply of 7.77 Million PUPS tokens and a market cap of $575.96 Million. The token has an ATH of $452.66 and returns of 111.82% since launch, highlighting a strong bullish outlook in the future price action of this crypto token.

Ponke (PONKE):

The latest memecoin on the Solana ecosystem, the PONKE protocol is a blockchain known for its high-speed transactions and low gas fees. The protocol is highly focused on creating a more user-friendly and easily engaging experience for its users. Moreover, it has integrated with major cryptocurrency exchanges increasing its accessibility to a wider audience.

Despite strong selling pressure in the crypto industry, the PONKE memecoin has recorded a jump of approximately 50% within the past seven days, indicating a bullish price action for this altcoin in the upcoming week.

Toshi (TOSHI):

Named after Coinbase founder Ben Armstrong’s cat, this memecoin has gained significant traction from the market following its launch. Further, it is presently the leading memecoin on the upcoming BASE blockchain. Its prime motto is to eliminate the traditional financial intermediaries by democratizing the financial world.

With a circulating supply of 408 Billion TOSHI tokens, it has a market cap of $193.78 Million and a fully diluted market cap of approximately $200 Million at the time of writing. The memecoin has added 50.21% within the past 30 days and its YTD stands at +302.32%, making it a top pick for this list.

TokenFi (TOKEN):

The TokenFi aims to simplify the process of tokenization and crypto and become the leading tokenization platform in the world. This industry is projected to become a $16 Trillion industry by the year 2030. The top giants of the financial believe this to be the next evolution in the market.

TokenFi has highly experienced and well-influenced resources such as the Floki team that successfully launched the Floki token which currently has a valuation of $1.76 Billion. With a relatively low market cap of less than $100 Million, TOKEN’s price is prepared to record a new high this year.

Brett (BRETT):

The Brett token is a memecoin inspired by a character from the “Boy’s Club” comic. It took the crypto market by storm following its launch through its love for video games. The BASE chain is rapidly expanding by launching numerous projects on its blockchain. The Brett token aims to become a greater memecoin by overtaking the PEPE memecoin.

Further, it has a total supply of 10 Billion BRETT tokens and a market capitalization of $550.18 Million. The token has added 112.89% within the past 30 days and its Year-to-Date (YTD) stands at 66.66%, indicating a rising interest among investors for this altcoin.


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