Top Gun: Maverick Star Is Down For Another Sequel With Tom Cruise, And I Agree

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Written By Maya Cantina

In the realm of adrenaline-fueled spectacles, there’s no denying the impact of the box office phenom that was Top Gun: Maverick. Upon its release, there were already murmurs of a potential third film in the franchise, and fans are crossing their fingers that another Top Gun is imminent. This is also the case for Danny Ramirez, who plays Fanboy in the 2022 high-flying sequel. The actor has recently expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of joining Tom Cruise for another film, and I also would love to see this cast together again. 

While it seemed like Top Gun 3 was a sure thing after the immeasurable, record breaking success of Top Gun: Maverick, these plans seem even more tangible according to recent reports. In January, several publications claimed that a third Top Gun is in the development phase with names like Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski attached. While Danny Ramirez has yet to get the call to join the potential threequel, he told recently that he would love to be included in the cast. He said:

It would be an absolute honor to be invited back. I think we’re the prospect of even like being able to go back in the air is the most exciting. And so I know the whole gang would be really pumped. But I mean, yeah, we’ve seen how long it took to get the second one. So and the only lesson that comes from that is like you got to get the story right.

Ramirez is right to point out that there were nearly 40 years between Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick, how different circumstances are definitely at play this time around. There is an eagerness by the studio and big time producer Jerry Bruckheimer to get the ball rolling on a Top Gun 3. In addition, Glen Powell recently revealed that the cast and crew are still very much in touch about another film, which should give fans hope that the key players are doing everything they can to get back in the air. If all goes to plan, we can hopefully see Danny Ramirez as FanBoy in Top Gun 3.

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It’s no surprise Ramirez would be vocal about his desire to hop back in the cockpit. He previously talked about breaking the personal “glass ceiling” while making Top Gun: Maverick, and how much he learned about acting and flying during the film. The desire for another not only reflects a love for the experience on Maverick, but also a trust in the personnel involved with the production and the quality of the end product. Ramirez explained:

And so I think the people in charge are absolutely the right people too. Like, I mean, Top Gun Maverick was unbelievable. So there was no it was incredible. There’s no question. Yeah. So it’s like we’re really excited at the prospect of possibly being invited back.

The actor is not alone in his eagerness. Powell also previously said that he would be ready to re-join the Top Gun team when asked, and other stars like Jay Ellis have also said the entire cast would likely be down to reunite once a new film is officially announced. This enthusiasm speaks volumes to how much fun making Maverick was, and the leadership skills Tom Cruise brought to the project to make everyone feel like a family. The team is one of the best parts of the sequel, and fingers-crossed we will see the whole Top Gun: Maverick cast together again on the big screen very soon. 

I’m still anxiously awaiting more news on Top Gun 3, but in the meantime, fans can see Danny Ramirez and the rest of the cast in Top Gun: Maverick, which is streaming for Paramount+ subscribers. For more information on other highly anticipated blockbusters heading to theaters in the near future, make sure to consult our 2024 movie release schedule


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