Until Dawn Movie Adaptation: What We Know About The Video Game Film

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Written By Maya Cantina

Until Dawn is getting a horror movie adaptation – and this is what we know about it. 

In May 2022, when Resident Evil was another of its umpteenth adaptations (this time as a TV series) within the Resident Evil franchise, I wrote an article about video games. Specifically, I wrote an article about the horror video games that deserve to be turned into movies. As someone who loves the best horror movies and the best horror TV shows, I had to give this a shot. 

One of my picks was Until Dawn, a PlayStation exclusive (at first, but will be on Windows in 2025) that had so many different endings and solutions that I knew making a film would be chaotic but so much fun – and now, it’s finally getting that adaptation that I just knew would end up happening at some point. 

But what is this? And who is going to be working on it? Here is what we know so far about the film adaptation of Until Dawn.

What Is The Until Dawn Release Date?

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As of February 2024, there is no set release date for the Until Dawn film adaptation – but that doesn’t mean we can’t theorize. 

However, I doubt that this film will be released on any 2024 movie schedule – and truthfully, I think 2025 would even be stretching it. 

Usually, many horror films are made pretty quickly, but there are many things stopping Until Dawn from reaching a soon-ish release date. The monsters within the game (which will most likely be in the movie) are quite creepy-looking and will most likely take a lot of makeup and CGI effects to make them look realistic. 

Not only that, but there are two hundred-plus possible endings in the original game. While I doubt this will be the case in the movie, where we can choose our way to whatever end we want, I don’t think coming up with the best story for this movie from a game with so many possible endings will be easy. 

Even so, I believe it’ll be great – at least with much work and time. 

No Cast Has Been Confirmed Yet

Until Dawn Movie Adaptation: What We Know About The Video Game Film

(Image credit: Sony Computer Entertainment)

Since the adaptation was only just announced by The Hollywood Reporter in January 2024, it’s not that surprising that no one has been cast yet. 

But, like many other video game adaptations that have come and gone, actors who worked on the games could work on the new movie. Until Dawn featured an extensive cast of characters that were played by several Hollywood stars, such as Hayden Panettiere as Sam, Rami Malek as Joshua, Brett Dalton as Michael, and many others. 

However, a part of me also doubts that the cast would come back for live-action as most of the characters in the game are young adults – and a good number of the real-life cast members are in their thirties and forties now.

It could also end up being a situation like The Last of Us cast, where the original actress who played Ellie in the game came back in a guest role for the TV show, while Bella Ramsay actually played Ellie. We could see them appear in a different, minor role. Only time will tell. 

Until Dawn Is A Horror Game Following A Group Of Young Adults In A Cabin Being Hunted By Wendigos

Until Dawn Movie Adaptation: What We Know About The Video Game Film

(Image credit: Supermassive Games)

So, for those who don’t know anything about Until Dawn, here is your crash course – it’s an interactive drama horror game from Supermassive Games, a developer who made the project for PlayStation.

Until Dawn follows the story of a group of young adults staying in a cabin for a weekend when dangerous monsters on the outside threaten their lives, and they literally have to survive until dawn, when they can get help, and the monsters – Wendigos – are not outside. 

The game is what I would call a “choose-your-own-demise,” where there is a butterfly effect in place – meaning, one little choice can either make or break your playthrough. And God, did it mess up mine – I’m getting flashbacks just thinking about it…

Anyway, as mentioned before, dozens upon dozens of possible endings. The game became so popular that there’s even going to be a PS5 remaster released – which, yes, I am going to buy. 

Until Dawn Is An Adaptation Of The Video Game Of The Same Name

Until Dawn Movie Adaptation: What We Know About The Video Game Film

(Image credit: Supermassive Games)

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Until Dawn will be an adaptation of the video game of the same name. But, we have no idea what the specifics of the story will be about, especially considering the original game had so many different possible endings. 

However, what we do know is that Screen Gems, one of the production companies behind the movie, is describing the film as “R-rated” (because, duh) and “a love letter to the horror genre” that will revolve around an ensemble cast. 

Already, I’m digging the vibes. Let’s light this candle. 

David F. Sandberg Is Connected To Direct Right Now

Until Dawn Movie Adaptation: What We Know About The Video Game Film

(Image credit: New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.)

As of February 2024, David F. Sandberg is the director confirmed to helm Until Dawn. It was reported by The Hollywood Reporter article up above. 

The Swedish director has worked on several major horror films, such as Lights Out, Annabelle: Creation in The Conjuring universe, and the Shazam! films, but Until Dawn will mark his return to the horror movie world

Gary Dauberman Is Looking Over The Script Originally Written By Blair Butler

Until Dawn Movie Adaptation: What We Know About The Video Game Film

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The last thing we know from The Hollywood Reporter article is that Gary Dauberman is reviewing the script that Blair Butler originally wrote. 

Both of these names are famous in the horror movie industry. Butler has worked on various horror-related projects, such as The Invitation, and Gary Dauberman has written all three Annabelle movies and The Nun. Dauberman also co-wrote the Stephen King adaptation of IT in 2017 and its follow-up, IT Chapter Two. 

I mean, come on – I think this film will be excellent.

With Until Dawn confirmed, I think it’s time to revisit the game and test my reaction skills again, because now I need to prepare myself for the horror movie of the decade. It’s time to get scared all over again. And, if you’re craving another horror video game adaptation, check out our guide for the film adaptation of Death Stranding


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