Video Resurfaces of CNN’s Brian Stelter Triggered Over ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Potato’ Moniker Used by Conservatives

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Written By Maya Cantina

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A video of Brian Stelter’s previous interview, in which he was extremely triggered about his famous monikers “Humpty Dumpty” and “Potato,” has resurfaced and is now circulating the internet.

Fake news host Stelter, the former CNN mouthpiece, joined Sarah Longwell’s The Focus Group Podcast earlier this year to discuss why voters have turned on FOX News.

During the interview, Stelter recounted the episodes where he received unexpected packages in the mail due to the name-calling.

These packages included an actual potato and a Humpty Dumpty toy, sent by critics who have referred to him by these monikers in an attempt to mock or discredit him because of his lies and propaganda while working at CNN.

“It’s not just about the characters who are in, it’s also about the villains that the cinematic universe creates. I like to think that I’m a bit character in that universe,” said Stelter.

“I once had a potato mailed to me. It came in a FedEx box. It was an actual potato. I showed it to my kids, and of course, my kids are young. They have no idea why someone’s mailing me a potato. It’s because that within the Fox universe, I used to be called Humpty Dumpty, and from there, ‘Brian’s a potato,’” he said.

“Actually the other thing that showed up in the mail one day was a Humpty Dumpty toy and my kid actually played with it so that one the joke was on the [sender],” he added.


Back in 2018, Brian Stelter said he wanted Sean Hannity of Fox News to explain why he calls him “Humpty Dumpty.”

“The disclosure for me about Hannity is that, he calls me Humpty Dumpty for some reason, don’t know why,” Stelter said.

Here’s one of the videos of Sean Hannity calling Stelter Humpty Dumpty.

In 2022, TGP’s Cristina Laila reported that Brian Stelter’s days were numbered at CNN.

“SOURCE: Stelter is “down to weeks if not days” left at CNN. They go on “He is everything that reminds the new owners of the Zucker era they desperately want to get past”” Jon Nicosia reported.

Fake news Stelter is reportedly causing problems and “stirring discontent within the ranks.”

A CNN insider previously told The Daily Mail that “Brian Stelter should start looking for another job.”

CNN then canceled the Sunday media affairs program Reliable Sources. The show’s ratings tanked in recent months — and Stelter left the network.

Now that Brian Stelter no longer has a show on CNN, he apparently has a lot more time on his hands. He is running for a seat on a school board in New Jersey.

In a fascinating twist, Stelter is running as a Republican. Are we supposed to believe Brian Stelter is a Republican? Are voters in new Jersey going to buy that?

What indication has he ever given in public that he is a member of the GOP?

Former CNN Potato Brian Stelter Running for Seat on School Board in New Jersey… As a Republican


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