We Won’t Stop Until Shibarium Hits Top: Shiba Inu Team

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Written By Maya Cantina

Sat, 13/04/2024 – 20:00

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The official marketing specialist of the Shiba Inu team Lucie has published a bullish tweet full of determination about the team’s goals for Shibarium.

Lucie has assured the Shiba Inu community that the team intends to do their best to see Shibarium succeed in the cryptocurrency market.

“Shibarium to reach top no matter who comes or leaves”

In a recent tweet, Lucie stated that one of the goals of the Shiba Inu team is to see Shibarium on top of the cryptocurrency market, no matter what happens and no matter what partners join the team or leave it. “We won’t stop,” Lucie tweeted, determined.

In the same tweet, Lucie revealed what Shibarium-related assets she holds: SHIB, LEASH, BONE, Shiboshis Poseidon, Sheb Zeus and others.

Lucie believes that the cryptocurrency market will continue to see corrections even during a bull market, especially while the spot cryptocurrency ETF in Hong Kong (or any other spot ETF for that matter) gains approval. Earlier this week, U.Today reported that a spot ETF that will allow investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum is about to be approved in Hong Kong.

Shibarium transactions see major rise

Meanwhile, the Layer-2 solution Shibarium has demonstrated an impressive surge in the number of daily transactions performed on it by users. According to data shared by the Shibariumscan explorer, on April 12, this metric soared to 288,690 transactions compared to 5,630 on April 5.

That’s a whopping 5,027% spike. Still, this seems tiny compared to the daily transaction count spotted on Shibarium on March 16 — 1.04 million transactions.

The overall transaction count equals 414,188,352, per the same source. The number of wallets linked to Shibarium totals 1,410,420.

Close to 260 million SHIB burned

Data provided by the public wallet tracker Shibburn shows that the SHIB community continues to go to extremes to reduce the SHIB circulating supply. So far, over the last seven days, there have been 258,429,729 destroyed Shiba Inu coins, with the overall weekly SHIB burn rate rising 15.19%.

However, things are not so good with daily burns so far. A recent tweet shows that over the past 24 hours, the community has burned only slightly over 1 million meme coins. The burn rate is over 68% down because of this.


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