Will These Top AI Tokens Resurge This April?  

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Written By Pinang Driod

With the Bitcoin price taking a hit from the sudden supply impact, the top-tier altcoins are under pressure and underperforming. However, amidst this tense situation, the AI tokens are regaining momentum. 

With a phoenix-like zeal, the AI tokens resurface every week, projecting massive long-term potential. Further, these tokens are the perfect example today for a hype and use case-driven sector. 

However, the top bets are on the large caps like Worldcoin and Fetch.AI. So, let’s have a closer analytical look at their price charts.

Will Fetch.AI Be The Best-Performing AI Token?

With a $2.23 Billion market cap, this AI token offers an entry opportunity for the sideliners. As the FET price reaches the 200 EMA in the 4H chart, the underlying demand leads to a quick bounce back. 


The pullback phase drops the AI token from 71st rank to 76th in the top 100 altcoins. However, with the immense demand at the crucial support zone, the FET token shows a 3.86% jump in the last 4 hours. 

Currently, the FET price trades at $2.6510, causing a potential bounce back to the $3.39 mark. As per the trend-based Fibonacci levels, the AI token is ready for a bull run to the $4.44 mark. 

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Will Worldcoin Drop Under $6?

Despite the massive surge crossing above the $10 mark, the WLD price drops to the $6 support zone. The downfall accounts for a 42% crash in the AI token from the $11.97 peak, crossing under the 50D EMA.


Further, in the daily chart, the WLD shows a head-and-shoulder pattern with a neckline coinciding with the $6 zone. Hence, a breakdown below the support zone could negate the chances of a bullish reversal. 

However, with an expectation of the altcoins reversal, the WLD token offers an excellent buying opportunity. In such a case, the AI token could resurge above $10 and breach the $12 mark. 


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