XRP Ledger Hits Historic Milestone, Vitalik Buterin Unveils Next Major Step in Ethereum Evolution, Shiba Inu Burns 15.6 Billion SHIB in March, Burn Rate Jumps 2,230%: Crypto News Digest by U.Today

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XRP Ledger hits historic milestone of 87 million ledgers

According to recent statistics provided by the XRPL Services website, XRP Ledger’s ledger count has surpassed the 87 million level, reaching a historical milestone. In the context of XRP Ledger, ledgers are immutable records of transactions and account balances that are maintained and validated by a distributed network of nodes. Reaching the 87 million ledger milestone is a testament to the massive volume of activity and transactions that have taken place on the XRP Ledger since its launch. Currently, the number of ledgers on XRPL is standing at 87,034,967, with the accounts’ count topping five million at 5,144,997; the total XRP in these accounts is 59,579,120,232 XRP. In the future, XRP Ledger will continue to grow and evolve, with plans for upcoming improvements and upgrades.

Vitalik Buterin unveils next major step in Ethereum evolution

In a recent note on Ethereum.org, Vitalik Buterin unveiled the next major stage in the evolution of the Ethereum (ETH) network, dubbed “The Purge.” The evolution’s central component is EIP-6780, a crucial improvement included in the Dencun hard fork. This enhancement aims to optimize the protocol by reducing the functionality of the SELFDESTRUCT opcode, thereby enhancing implementation efficiency and bolstering security measures. As explained by Buterin, this move is part of a broader initiative to alleviate Ethereum’s technical burdens and declutter its infrastructure. The Purge involves eliminating redundant data, lowering resource loads and strengthening security procedures to bolster Ethereum’s efficiency and resilience.

SHIB burns jump 2,330% with 15.6 billion coins scorched in March

As reported by the Shibburn website, over the course of March, the Shiba Inu community and the developer team managed to incinerate more than 10 billion SHIB tokens. Per data from the aforementioned source, a total of 15,644,329,668 SHIB was sent to dead-end wallets. This massive amount of tokens equals $454,154 in fiat. In general, this has increased the monthly SHIB burn rate by 2,330%. Almost all of the aforementioned billions of SHIB were moved out of circulation by the SHIB developer team, with the burns conducted using funds from Shibarium fees. However, despite the impressiveness of the number of destroyed SHIB, the burns have not affected the SHIB price; at the moment of writing, SHIB is trading at $0.00002638, down by 6.79% over the past 24 hours, per CoinMarketCap.


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