Yet Another Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden in Multiple Swing States

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Written By Maya Cantina

A new Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll shows Donald Trump beating Joe Biden in the crucial swing states.

Is there any wonder why Biden is suddenly interested in the crisis at the border or why he is talking about visiting East Palestine, Ohio?

It’s likely because the 2024 election is less than a year away and Trump keeps beating him in the polls.

RedState reports:

No Wonder Biden Is Finally Talking ‘Border Crisis’ – Check Out How Trump Is Crushing Him in the Polls

Have you wondered why Joe Biden took an Orwellian flip and was suddenly talking about the “border crisis” — something he and his administration have denied was a crisis for the past three years? And why he’s suddenly trying to blame the Republicans, who have been calling for action on the crisis all of that time?

Yes, it’s because of the election, but it’s also because the polls in the swing states show him getting crushed by former President Donald Trump — and specifically show him being crushed on that particular issue.

Check out this polling; it’s got to be shaking the Biden people up.

Not only is he now up in all seven swing states, he’s up by some big numbers in some of those states. Trump is up by eight in Nevada and 10 in North Carolina. Even stunningly up five in Michigan and eight in Georgia.

See the tweets below for the numbers:

So much of the 2024 election is going to come down to states in the rust belt like Michigan and Wisconsin. Same with Pennsylvania.

Trump is now leading in all of them, according to this poll.


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