ADAC child seat test 2024 – all results

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ADAC child seat test 2024: Two not recommended: the safest child seats for your children

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Parents value the safety of their children above all else, and child seats for your own car are particularly important. Most people were impressed with the ADAC text, as only two seats for young people failed the testers.

Adults are well protected in their own vehicle by seat belts and airbags. Child seats are also an important lifesaver for our own children. The ADAC has been testing child seats for operation, safety, ergonomics and now also for harmful substances since 2015. The Munich Automobile Club emphasizes that its own rigorous testing goes far beyond legal requirements. Most recently, the ‘Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 ​​Pro’ child seat caused a stir last fall. The level of contaminants in the coating material used caused the test result to be lowered.

ADAC tests child seats that go beyond legal requirements

His successor”Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 ​​​​Pro 2“ now contains no harmful substances and so the ADAC testers gave the overall result good in the test with and without Isofix mounting. In the 2024 test the model did not fare so well “Viaggio Twist + Basic Twist“ from manufacturer Peg Perego, because the child seat failed twice due to serious safety issues and high levels of pollutants. Also the chairSilver Cross Discover i-SizeThe level of contaminants did not meet the test criteria because it contains large amounts of the plasticizer DPHP, which some experts say can be harmful to the child.

All other 24 child seats tested are highly recommended; 15 of them even got good grades. The baby seats for the little ones (size 40 to 87 cm) also received consistently good marks. The model Nuna Pipa Urban was the leader and achieved a score of 1.6. When it comes to toddler seats up to 105 cm, the ‘Maxi-Cosi Mica 360 Pro’ and the ‘Cybex Sirona GI i-Size’ (each grade 2.2) performed best; For seats for adults up to 150 cm there is the “Avova Sora-Fix” (grade 2.0).

Two child seats fail, 15 get a ‘Good’ rating

The test once again shows that there are significant quality differences when it comes to child seats on the market and regardless of the purchase price, not all models meet the high demands of customers and the ADAC as testers. Parents should therefore only purchase child seats if they are suitable for the child of the relevant age and height.

This is how you check whether a seat is suitable for your child

There are also some tips to keep in mind:

  • Take your child and vehicle with you when purchasing and ask a specialist dealer for advice to avoid operating errors
  • The child seat must be able to be installed safely in the vehicle
  • All controls must be easily accessible
  • Make sure that the belt retracts automatically when the child bends forward
  • When you put on your seat belt, tighten your suspenders and seat belts
  • Remove/remove jackets from under the hip belt
  • Adjust the straps and backrest regularly as you grow
  • Don’t switch to the next larger seat too early

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