After Being Fired From ‘The Talk,’ Sharon Osbourne Claims She Will Never Be Hired In America

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Instagram comment star Sharon Osbourne says she can’t find employment anywhere in America.

During an episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Osbourne claimed that she was “banned in America” after being fired from The Talk for allegations of racist behavior in 2021.

Sharon Osborne was called a racist after defending her long-time friend Piers Morgan, who accused Meghan Markle of fabricating racism allegations within the British royal family,

US Weekly reports,

“I got banned in America,” Osbourne told her Celebrity Big Brother housemates Lauren Simon and Louis Walsh. “I did nothing wrong.” When asked by Simon if she could find work in the US, Osbourne shared, “I can legally…but nobody will employ me because they say I am racist.

Simon responded to this by noting that Osbourne is Jewish, to which the Osbournes alum replied, “I know, and that’s what I said to them!” She continued, “They think we don’t know what it’s like to be picked on. I wouldn’t pick on anyone because of their race or religion, ever.”

In March 2021, Osbourne defended her friend and media personality Piers Morgan for his comments about Meghan Markle’s CBS interview, in which she discussed experiencing racism and suicidal thoughts. Morgan’s comments, wherein he questioned the validity of Markle’s statements, were met with backlash from the public.

“Did I like everything he said? Did I agree with what he said? No,” Osbourne said on The Talk at the time. “Because it’s his opinion. It’s not my opinion… I support him for his freedom of speech, and he’s my friend.”

Osbourne has been very vocal about her firing and feeling the cold shoulder of the pro-BLM industry called Hollywood. It’s almost annoying at this point. Why apologize in a 3-page letter to liberals if you think you did nothing wrong?



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