Bill Maher Slams Biden for Claiming He Needs Additional Powers to Secure the Border: ‘Already Has Existing Law!’ (VIDEO)

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Written By Maya Cantina

Bill Maher tore into Joe Biden during his show on Friday night for claiming that he needs additional power of any kind in order to secure the border.

Naturally, Maher had criticism for Republicans as well, saying that they want to run on this issue for 2024, but even if that’s true, so what? It’s a valid issue to run on. No one is happy about what’s happening at the border.

And his point about Biden is absolutely spot on. Biden could end the chaos right now by simply enforcing existing immigration laws.

FOX News reports:

During a panel discussion Friday night, the subject of immigration being a major election was brought up by Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, telling Maher that Biden’s vulnerability on that issue among voters is “very real.”

“The Republicans act like they want to solve this but the Democrats called their bluff,” Maher said. “I mean, there is a bill right now that a lot of them, Mitch McConnell and some pretty conservative senators saying this is as good a deal as you’re gonna get. They don’t want it because they don’t want this issue to be solved because they need it as an issue so you can make speeches like the one you just made about ‘working class’ and blah, blah, blah.”

“But make no mistake about it, Joe Biden has a lot of power to change a lot of policy and affect the immigration issue,” Sununu added.

“That’s true,” Maher agreed. “I was gonna say part two of the acting is Joe Biden saying ‘You know what? If you just give me a new law.’ A new law?! The president can fix this and he already has an existing law. This is all so silly! ‘I need a piece of paper from Congress to deal with the border.’ No you already have that.”

See the video below:

The disaster at the border is intentional. Biden and the Democrats do not want to fix it.


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