Kevin Hart Jokes He’s Got A Group Chat Going With Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford And Other A-Listers. Just Wait Until You Hear The Name

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Written By Maya Cantina

Kevin Hart may be known by many as one of our biggest comedy actors, but it seems like in his mind, he is also one of our biggest action stars. He may be onto something, as the trailers for the comedian’s new Netflix film, Lift, show him in full James Bond-mode, cracking jokes and participating in stunt sequences. Now the comedian believes that his latest movie has earned him a place amidst our greatest action heroes, as Hart recently joked about his involvement in a top secret group chat with movie stars like Dwayne Johnson, Tom Cruise, and Harrison Ford. And the name of the group is A+. 

In a recent interview with People, the Get Hard actor chatted about his new action flick, and how he’s expanding into different genres as his career progresses. Now that Lift has made him a certified action hero, according to Hart this has gotten him in with some of the most recognizable names in cinema. He joked that he has now been added to a super secret group chat, saying:

Yup! Dwayne, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Jet Li, Jackie Chan. All the biggest guys. It’s a real secret chat, I shouldn’t be talking to you about this chat. I could get in a lot of trouble from the other action guys.

Hart talked about this apparent group chat again to ET seemingly doubling down on the notion that this text chain does indeed exist, and he has earned his place amongst the greats. The Ride Along star teased:

The conversations of us action guys, we have a group chat. Our group chat is called ‘Action Star Gang.’

I think the name “Action Star Gang” should be enough to tip off fans that Hart is clearly joking about this group chat, but the idea of it is fun to think about. What would all of these actors even talk about? Performing their own stunts? Their workout routines? Working with some of the greatest directors of all time? Do they hang out? Maybe there’s an initiation process to get in that involves strapping yourself to a plane taking off like Cruise did in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation?  It’s actually fun to think about, and even more hilarious that somehow Hart would sneak his way into a chat with our most well-respected action heroes. 

It may be funny to think about Kevin Hart being considered an “action star” now, but Lift does show a lot of promise for the comic. Hart also told ET that he got down to 4 percent body fat when working out for the role, which is super impressive. He’s starred in action-heavy films before like Central Intelligence and there were likely a number of stunt sequences in the Jumanji films. His commitment is certainly there, and I could totally see this being a route for him if he wanted it to be. 

Hart is famously good friends with Dwayne Johnson, so maybe he is taking some pointers from his pal and is at the start of his own, solo action hero career. It’s not unheard of for comics to switch up their genre focus, considering Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and Adam Sandler all dabbled with drama films in addition to studio comedies. If he keeps on this track, it might not be long before Hart really is one of our premiere action stars. For now though, Hart has left us just pondering about this potential “Action Star Gang” group chat, and how the comedian could potentially find his way in. 

We may never know for sure if this group chat does exist, but you can see Kevin Hart give the “action hero” label a spin in Lift, which will be available for Netflix subscribers on January 12th. There are a lot of great projects coming to Netflix this year, so keep an eye out for more exciting movies coming to the streamer. In addition, fans of Hart should also check out our rankings of some of the best movies from the The Wedding Ringer star.  


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