Pyramid Game Episode 9 Recap & Spoilers: Does Bona End the Brutal Raking Game?

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Episode 9 of Pyramid Game arrived on Thursday, March 21, 2024, on TVING. The previous episode ended on a rattling note. After her debut performance at Baekyeon Girls’ High School, Im Ye-Lim (Kang Na-Eon) was taken to hospital in an unconscious condition. After that, Sung Soo-Ji (Bona) went straight to their class, where she attacked Baek Ha-Rin (Jang Da-A). She blamed her for what happened to Im Ye-Lim.

In Pyramid Game episode 9, Baek Ha-Rin manipulates the students to agree to put someone permanently in Grade F. Her main targets are Myung Ja-Eun (Ryu Da-In) and Sung Soo-Ji. However, Sung Soo-Ji refuses to give up and asks all the students to delete the “pyramid game” from their mobile phones and quit the game. This is how she tries to end the game once and for all.

Pyramid Game Episode 9: Is Bona able to get rid of the raking game?

Episode 9 of Pyramid Game begins with Im Ye-Lim (Kang Na-Eon) feeling upset and emotional after receiving a text message from Sim Eun-Jeong (Lee Ju-Yeon), who is currently in the hospital. Then, the episode shows Im Ye-Lim lying on the floor beside the school’s swimming pool in an unconscious state. Sung Soo-Ji (Bona) sees her in that condition.

Meanwhile, Baek Ha-Rin (Jang Da-A) makes an announcement in the classroom before starting the 16th “pyramid game.” She proposes the idea of placing a student in Grade F permanently. That student will stay in Grade F until they graduate from the school. Baek Ha-Rin keeps her eye on Myung Ja-Eun (Ryu Da-In) as she wants to keep her in the lowest grade forever. Right at that moment, Sung Soo-Ji enters the classroom and attacks Baek Ha-Rin. She tells everyone what has happened to Im Ye-Lim, suggesting she has tried to end her life because of Baek Ha-Rin’s bullying and her creation – the “pyramid game.”

Thereafter, Pyramid Game episode 9 shows Sung Soo-Ji asking her classmates to delete the brutal ranking game from their phones and quit the game for good. If the majority of the students do it, then they will be able to get rid of the game. Thus, Soo-Ji counts on the loyalty of her friends and the students in the classroom. In an intense moment, Myung Ja-Eun becomes the first student in their class to delete the game and quit it.

After that, one by one, a total of 12 students delete and quit the raking game. Even Seo Do-A (Shin Seul-Ki), who has never opposed it, quits it. As there are 22 students in their class, it means that the majority of the students have deleted the game. Thus, Sung Soo-Ji is finally able to get rid of the game once and for all with the help and support of her friends.

What happens to Im Ye-Lim (Kang Na-Eon) in episode 9?

Pyramid Game episode 9 also sees a live stream from Sung Soo-Ji’s (Bona) classroom becoming viral on social media. Through the live stream, the dark secret of school violence in Baekyeon Girls’ High School is finally out. The video shows Kim Da-Yeon (Hwang Hyun-Jung) brutally roughing up Myung Ja-Eun (Ryu Da-In). The concept and effects of the dangerous ranking game also get out in the media. After seeing the video, the teachers rush to their classroom to destroy the camera recording everything.

Later on, upon realizing her situation at Baekyeon Girls’ High School, Baek Ha-Rin (Jang Da-A) asks her mother to transfer her somewhere else. This time, her grandmother has also become furious at Baek Ha-Rin. Towards the end of episode 9 of Pyramid Game, the audience sees some students, except Sung Soo-Ji and Myung Ja-Eun, visiting Im Ye-Lim (Kang Na-Eon) at the hospital.

The episode also reveals that Im Ye-Lim did not try to end her life. She was hit by her stalker and became unconscious. Cho Woo-Ri (Joo Bo-Young) stopped the stalker before she could do anything else. Soo-Ji witnessed it all but decided to utilize the situation to take down Baek Ha-Rin and the game.

At the end of Pyramid Game episode 9, Myung Ja-Eun and Sung Soo-Ji go to a place where Baek Ha-Rin has been waiting for them. There, Baek Ha-Rin declares that she was a victim of school violence. Then, the episode ends with Myung Ja-Eun claiming she was behind it.

Viewers can watch Pyramid Game episode 9 on TVING.


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