Slovakia: Robert Fico accuses the opposition of being partly responsible for the attack

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Written By Maya Cantina

The Slovak head of government who was seriously injured in an assassination attempt Robert Fico has accused the opposition of complicity in the attack on him. She did not realize “how far her aggressive and hateful politics have taken a part of society,” Fico said in a 14-minute video address. The on Facebook The released statement was Fico’s first public statement since the attack on him.

“It was only a matter of time before a tragedy like this occurred,” Fico said. If nothing changes, there will be ‘more victims’. The Slovak head of government also said he “forgives” the attacker. He said he was “not a madman” but an “ambassador of evil and hatred” who fueled the opposition.

Fico, the Four shots from close range had survived, spoke with long pauses. The 59-year-old announced that he would gradually resume his official duties from the end of June.

The Slovak head of government was seriously injured on May 15 by several shots fired by a government opponent. The head of government had to undergo two operations. The 71 year old attacker is currently in custody. Justice is investigating him for attempted murder.

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