South Korean border guards fire warning shots on the border with North Korea

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Written By Maya Cantina

Another military incident has occurred at the heavily fortified border between South and North Korea. In Sunday’s incident, South Korean border guards fired warning shots after several North Korean soldiers briefly crossed the military demarcation line in the buffer zone between the two countries, the General Staff in Seoul announced Tuesday. The North Korean soldiers immediately retreated across the border without any “unusual activity,” the report said.

Boundary line crossed

The South Korean military suspected that the North Korean soldiers had not deliberately crossed the border during initially unidentified work in the demilitarized zone. However, the top command emphasized that the movements of the opposing side were being closely monitored. As the national Yonhap news agency reported, citing the General Staff, about 20 North Korean soldiers had crossed the border.

Incidents occur again and again at maritime and land borders; both countries are still at war under international law since the Korean War (1950-53). Recently, tensions between the two sides have increased significantly again.

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