Thunderstorms and heavy rain are expected

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After heavy rain in the north on Sunday, people in Germany have to leave again this Monday Thunderstorm set. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to move across the country from southern and central Germany on Monday German weather service (DWD) announced.

In Baden-Württemberg, the chance of local thunderstorms with heavy rain increases from noon. Storms and gusts of wind are also possible locally. According to the DWD, it will initially remain mainly dry in the west of the country; Short showers and isolated thunderstorms are also possible there in the afternoon. The maximum values ​​are 19 to 24 degrees, in Lusatia and Lower Bavaria temperatures can rise to 26 degrees.

According to the weather forecast, showery, sometimes prolonged and heavy rain will fall in a strip from the northwest to the southeast on Tuesday night. Thunderstorms are also expected locally.

Storm the day before

Heavy rain had already flooded cellars in parts of northern Germany on Sunday and led to road closures. In Lübeck alone, the fire brigade spoke of 105 weather-related operations in a statement that evening. Mostly water was pumped away. So no injuries were sustained.

In the community of Lasbek-Gut in Schleswig-Holstein, northeast of Hamburg, a river overflowed its banks and flooded much of a street. Fire chief Sven Oberkofler told dpa that 15 to 20 people were rescued from their homes. The water was 75 centimeters high. That is why boats from the German Life Saving Society were also used. There were also floods in Buchholz, south of Hamburg. The fire brigade has listed several actions on its website because, for example, cellars were flooded.

In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the storms led to several traffic accidents on highways 19 and 20. With the exception of one person who was slightly injured, the accidents all ended slightly. Police announced in the morning.

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